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"Many of life's failures are people who didn't realize how close they are to success when they gave up" -Thomas Edison

About Us.

We appraise online ventures that have either ceased operations post cash flow, or are in early stage cash flow positive operations.

Realigning or restarting a venture can be a challenging process. However, with careful planning, a clear understanding of the underlying issues, and a willingness to invest time and resources, it is possible to revive some businesses and achieve long-term success.

Submit the following to start a conversation:

1. Organization

Basic Legal Structure of Business and Overview of Strategy of Business

2. Financials

P&L, balance sheet, cashflow statements and all historical and forward projections.

3. Capital Structure

Capitalization breakdown (debt terms if applicable) / round pricing impact and details of financing.

4. Documents

Key Shareholder / Investor Agreements and organizational documents (PPM, LPA, LLCOA, etc.)

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